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We are actively looking to acquire properties where we can reposition, improve, and increase fundamentals. We target investments based on situational attributes, of which include price, building design, and reposition opportunities. By nature, we prefer multifamily properties where we can add value through capital and operational improvements.

Property Type:

Multifamily, NNN Retail

Deal Size:

12 Unit Minimum, in Strong Infill Locations

NNN Retail with Corporate Guarantee, in Strong Infill Locations

Property Vintage:

1950 or newer

Asset Class:

A, B, & upgradable Class C

Investment Criteria:

Location is more important than asset quality. Equally important is unit size and the design of the complex. Strong location qualities include visible, corner lots surrounded by schools, colleges, entertainment centers, and/or single family residential neighborhoods

Preferred Markets:

Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County on a case by case; preferred urban and suburban multifamily communities with excellent amenities, high parking-unit ratio, and supporting infrastructure

Investment Objectives:

Focus on re-stabilizing assets, improving NOI through proven turnkey renovation upgrades and improved management processes. Other attributes include hard work, understanding our markets, challenging the norms, and reaching for the future are keys to our success. Joint venture structures will be considered on a case by case basis

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This information is a guideline for screening purposes only. We may deviate from the above criteria and amend the information at any time without notice.